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Colorado Spring Qui Tam Whistleblower and Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Cross & Bennett LLC specializes in cases brought under federal and state False Claims Acts and medical, nursing and hospital malpractice, health care fraud, employment discrimination, complex litigation involving the false claims act (qui tam claims), and serious personal injury cases including cases brought under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we have represented individuals from all walks of life and throughout the nation, including state of Colorado, including the Denver metro area, Pueblo, the San Luis Valley, and the Western Slope, and in other states.

By making use of the latest in case management and courtroom presentation technology, concentrating our efforts on a few cases, and limiting our practice, we have achieved success in cases in which individuals have been injured by medical institutions, the medical profession, large corporations or local governments. Cross & Bennett has a well-deserved reputation for accepting tough cases involving significant losses and serious injuries that other law firms have declined.

Although a small firm, we have found that, through hard work, thorough research and utilization of all available resources, we have been successful against big national law firms, powerful insurance companies and huge corporations. (See our Recent cases and Settlements)

We have many years of experience in jury trials, court trials, administrative hearings and appeals. Cross & Bennett has invested tens of thousands of dollars in the latest equipment to enable us to organize discovery and present cases in the courtroom digitally. Cutting edge technology and the use of computer graphics has helped us to level the playing field against much larger firms and their powerful clients. Over the years we have developed access to a wide range of experts from physicians and other health care providers to civil and mechanical engineers, as well as specialists in such diverse areas as nursing, radiology, orthopaedics, surgery, including neurosurgery and vascular surgery, hospital administration, vocational rehabilitation, economics and accounting. This wealth of accumulated information enhances our ability to investigate and prosecute cases ranging from health care fraud and nursing home abuse to hospital negligence.

Our firm and our attorneys are av rated by national legal service of Martindale-Hubbell, the highest available rating in competency and ethics. With the help of our professionally trained staff we provide our clients with professional and courteous service, up-to-date information, and prompt answers to questions.

At Cross & Bennett LLC, we believe that our courts have provided and will continue to provide justice to those who have been injured or wronged by forces more powerful than themselves, but the quality of representation can make all the difference between winning and losing. Please feel free to contact us on our number or fill out our questionnaire.

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