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Of all injury lawsuits, few are as emotionally and intellectually difficult as medical negligence cases. At Cross & Bennett LLC, we help clients face the challenges of these difficult cases. Our Colorado medical malpractice lawyers provide representation to persons injured due to the negligence of health care providers, including physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, nurses, therapists and psychologists. We are also experienced client advocates in lawsuits against public and private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and HMOs.

Our medical malpractice attorneys, Keith Cross and Joe Bennett, focus their practice on the legal concerns of injured people and their families. With more than two decades of experience, they have developed a reputation as lawyers willing and able to take on even the most difficult medical malpractice cases. To set up a consultation, please contact our law firm in Colorado Springs.

Handling All Varieties of Complex Medical Negligence Cases

We understand the complexity involved in medical negligence cases, and we have the resources to investigate and prosecute significant claims involving:

See our list of recent cases for a more comprehensive list of the types of medical errors we have successfully handled.

America's Medical Malpractice Crisis

Studies have shown that there is, indeed, a "medical malpractice crisis" in America. That crisis involves a shocking number of medical mistakes that leave tens of thousands of Americans dead or seriously injured every year. A publication of the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, "To Err is Human," published in 1999, estimated that as many as 195,000 Americans die every year from medical mistakes. A Harvard School of Public Health study had previously put that number at about 98,000 deaths per year.

Most health care providers are careful individuals who deserve our respect and gratitude. However, when a physician does not get enough sleep, a nurse fails to correctly administer anesthesia or any health care professional acts negligently and injures a patient, they must be held accountable for their mistakes. Our concern for the well-being of past and future patients makes us determined and experienced advocates for the victims of medical malpractice.

Example of Our Success

Among our most interesting and successful cases was that of a teenage girl who had undergone a bone marrow transplant (BMT) in California for acute myelogenous leukemia. Following her transplant, she and her family moved from California to Colorado where she came under the care of several local hematology/oncology specialists. About nine months after her transplant, this young lady developed signs and symptoms of graft-versus-host disease, or GVHD, a common complication of the type of BMT that she had undergone. Among the signs and symptoms of GVHD were severe weight loss, painful and debilitating joint contractures, thickened skin, severe lung disease, liver and kidney disease and blindness. For about nine months, her physicians failed to properly test their patient for GVHD.

Our law firm filed suit against three physicians for negligent diagnosis and treatment. Prior to trial, we were able to settle with two of the three physicians. A trial in Denver against the third physician resulted in a verdict in favor of the teenager for $7.1 million. At the time, this was one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in state history.

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