Medicare & Medicaid Fraud

Colorado Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Attorneys

Medicare and Medicaid Whistleblower/Qui Tam Actions

The majority of false claims against the government are related to Medicare and Medicaid. While the government investigates fraud, it also relies on individuals who have inside information to make the fraud known through whistleblower/qui tam lawsuits. If you have inside knowledge of fraudulent Medicaid or Medicare conduct, you can initiate litigation against the party responsible and share in 15 to 30 percent of the government's recovery.

Whether you are considering a whistleblower action against an individual, your employer or another company, talk to the attorneys at Cross & Bennett LLC You have nothing to lose by talking to us; our conversations are confidential. We use more than two decades of experience, including experience as former public prosecutors, to protect our clients against any ramifications and hold offending parties responsible for defrauding the government.

Colorado Medicaid False Claims Act

In June 2010, the governor of Colorado signed the Colorado Medicaid False Claims Act into law. Now, whistleblowers (known as "relators") can file a Medicare/Medicaid false claims lawsuit with the Colorado Attorney General and receive a partial recovery for exposing the fraud.

Attorney Keith Cross was pivotal in helping get the Colorado Medicaid False Claims Act legislation passed. For more than five years, he advised legislators, testified before committees and otherwise provided key insight into Medicaid false claims and whistleblower/qui tam actions.

Representing Clients in Colorado and Nationwide

Cross & Bennett's qui tam team is respected for a high level of integrity and extensive experience and knowledge about state and federal Medicare and Medicaid fraud. We are able to represent clients throughout Colorado and, with the help of local counsel, nationwide. Whether you are in Colorado or across the country, please contact us.