Tax Fraud Whistleblowers

Colorado Tax Fraud Whistleblower Attorneys

Under a statute passed by Congress in 2006, whistleblowers who report tax fraud that results in the IRS recovering two million dollars or more are eligible to receive a minimum of 15 percent up to 30 percent of the amount recovered by the IRS. The law particularly encourages whistleblowers who have original insider information and who are the first to report.

Unlike the FCA, whistleblowers do not get the opportunity to file a complaint in court and proceed on their own if the government declines to intervene. Because of division of responsibility within the IRS itself and the IRS's strict confidentiality rules, it is critical that details of the underpayment as well as details concerning collectible assets of the defrauding taxpayer be submitted up front. It is vitally important that the initial submission be as thoroughly researched and well-founded as possible.

The Cross & Bennett whistleblower team stands ready and able to assist tax whistleblowers in making the kind of detailed submission most likely to return an award.